Take a moment and look at one of your favorite blogs or sites. Now look at the address bar of the blog. Do you see a little graphic there next to the address?

That my friends is a favicon. Isn't it cute? I love them so much. They are so comforting to see when you have 32 tabs open and need to go back to a page and you look for the little picture and instantly feel relief because There It Is!

Or look how amazing they all look in a row on your bookmarks bar:

Favicons are that little something that sets your blog apart from the rest. They help give your corner of the web an identity, which in the end, aids in creating your brand. It's just an extra chance at creating an impression with your readers.

Not to mention, it's one of the biggest clues that a blogger is new blogger-- they have the standard blogger or wordpress icon next to their address. Either they didn't know they could change it, or if they did, they didn't know how.

Well, no more claiming ignorance! Here's how to do it-- it's so simple you will say "SHUTUP, that was easy!" Ok, maybe not, but that's what I said when I first learned out to do it, so you know...

For wordpress.com (not the self-hosted wordpress.org):

For blogger:

See? Now you are an old pro at favicons and you can start educating others on their importance and ease of use.

But wait? You don't have a favicon ready to upload? No worries-- I'll be showing you how to do that next week. :)

Until then my friends...